This is very popular equipment that offers high performance and traction. It is indispensable in extreme situations and allows quick pulling out a stuck vehicle. A rope is used as the lifting element allowing mechanization of the horizontal and vertical lowering / lifting process.

The catalog contains both portable (removable) and stationary winches for 4 x 4 to be fixed in one place that are part of a complete set of cranes and hoists.

Operation principle

All models can be divided into groups depending on their capacity, design or functionalism, but the operation principle is one and the same. All types of equipment are divided depending on the purpose into:

  • Electric winches – used to pull out a struck car in the off-road conditions. Electric winch is powered by the car battery and fixed on the car, and the other end of the rope is attached to a fixed object (tree or building).
  • Hydraulic winches – a special traction mechanism run from the hydraulic motor and used on all types of transport – 4 x 4, mining equipment, tow trucks, river and sea vessels, etc. They are highly resistant to overloads and, unlike electrical counterparts, do not fail, but just stop.


Purpose: tow trucks, special machines

Voltage: 12 V/24 V

Motor: 7.8 h.p.

Traction: 16,800 lb/7,620 kg

Gear box: 3-speed planetary

Shrink: 358: 1 

Brake: dynamic

Rope length: 26 m

Dimensions: 560 mm х 196 mm х 267 mm

Weight: 53 kg

Distance between the fixing screws: 254 mm х 114 mm

Completed by: metal or synthetic rope, hook, control block, roller guides, remote control, radio control, fixing screws

Goal and mission

Our main goal is not just to sell the equipment, but also to provide comfort and safety of our client for the entire period of its use!